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Artist Statement

In my artwork I’m interested in how our personal emotions and internal frictions shape and transform with time. I am also interested in exploring how deeply the objects, materials, and places within our lives inform our personal senses of comfort or discomfort. My art is an examination of our place within the environments we inhabit as seen through a lens of sarcasm and a self-awareness of the ironic silliness of our present modern life.

My art serves as a way of reassuring myself that I'm able to take claim of the world and materials around me to create a space that can be alright, stable, and comfortable. I use my art and the process of creating to reflect on our unique place in the world and how we move through these spaces we inhabit. I want to acknowledge and take claim of the objects and places in my life so I can better understand my identity and place within the spaces I exist. Creating art serves as a process that allows me to gain a clearer understanding of what I value and care about within in the spaces in my life.

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